Tie Dye Discs


I finally cleaned off my nightstand. Oh, what a task…I like a clean nightstand but it seems to be the “catch all” to my books, journals, magazines, and random papers (I thought of you, Crissy S.). I came across too many Family Fun magazines that I’ve been intending to go through, ripping out pages to keep, filing them away in a nice binder with plastic sleeves, and then neatly organizing them in various categories. Well, that never happened….at least not as quick and orderly as I dreamed it might go. So I skimmed through them very fast and tore out only a few pages. What was left of the magazines ended up in our “blue bin” (as Andrew likes to call it) to be sent to the recycling plant.

Among the papers I pulled out, I found a science craft published in the June 2004 FF edition titled TIE DYE DISCS. So very easy and interesting!

Materials needed:
basket style coffee filters
cup of water

1. Cut the center circle from the coffee filter
2. Poke a hole in the center of the circle
3. Draw a design around the poked hole
4. Take a wedge of the leftover coffee filter to fold several times, making a wick
5. Stick the wick into the center hole
6. Stick the wick into a small cup of water, balancing the edges of the circle on the rim of the cup.
7. Watch the ink spread to the edges of the circle
8. Pull the circle and wick out of the cup, remove the wick and let the circle dry

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