Pizza kit & freebie picture


Dinner tonight was so delicious that I think I’m going to have to make the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit a weekly staple at our house. Mitch and I loved it and the kids did, too! Looks like every Friday OR Saturday night will be designated “pizza night”. It’s cheap, quick, and simple to make. However, the kit doesn’t include enough pepperoni or cheese so I just grated up some mozzerella as well as grabbed some extra pepperoni from the fridge. Now, I just need to find some coupons for this item!

Here’s a picture of the free items I got at Wal-Mart today. I love the Scotch Brite wand! Also, after eating that pizza tonight, I had to pop a Zantac to heed off the heartburn I knew would be coming. Lovely. If you want to get the Zantac for free, you will need to choose the smallest package of the Maximum Strength, containing 8 tablets. You can print the Scotch Brite coupon here and the Zantac coupon here (scroll to page 3).


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