Box Tops & Campbell’s labels


Ever notice those box tops labels on various name-brand items in the grocery store (Ziploc, Cottonelle, General Mills, Betty Crocker, Viva, etc)? Did you know that each Box Top label is worth $.10? Many schools participate in the BOX TOP program where they collect as many Box Tops as they can throughout the year and then mail them in for a full redemption to benefit their school. My son’s school participates in this program and, being that it’s a very small school with only 80 students, a check was received last year for a little over $300! Just think what that money could be used for (music art, library, P.E., lunchroom, computer lab, etc…..). You can go here to find out more on this program.

Also, Campbell’s has a similar program but, instead of receiving money back to your school, you can redeem the mailed labels for anything in their catalog that your school might need- from something small like a stapler to something larger like a new copy machine. The entire label on the can isn’t needed (at one time, the company wanted the entire label or just the front of the label)….just make sure you clip the entire UPC code. Sometimes it’s the typical white and black UPC code and other times it might be a higher value 5 points UPC, yellow in color. My son’s school is accumulating their points so they can purchase something large and much needed. You can click here to find out more on this program.

If your child’s school doesn’t participate in any of these programs, you might want to consider clipping these items anyway and giving them away to a school (or student) who does. If you homeschool, this would be a great activity for your children to take part in as they clip and then give them away.

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  1. Also, Box Tops has cool worksheets on the website that you can print out (and copy at 150%…they are two to a page)and stick the box tops on…we do this and then drop off the sheets at the elementary school next door.

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