Today after school, Andrew and I made his “Lookie-Loo”. I got this idea from Ten Ten and thought we’d make one ourselves. Last night before bed, we colored our rice and then set it out to dry while we snoozed. Andrew and I collected random small items from around the house to drop into our the bottle with the rice. He shook it up and went on a hunt as I challenged him to find the small items inside the bottle. Andrew thinks it’s so cool!

To color the rice: Pour rice into a Ziploc bag. Add two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring. Shake bag until all the rice is colored. Lay the rice out to dry for a few hours (or overnight, in our case).

When you pour the rice into the dry water bottle, make sure you leave plenty of room near the top so the rice can move around when searching for the hidden items.

It might be a good idea to attach a small list to the side of the bottle to remind you of what’s hidden inside but I’m hoping I can remember since I’m sure the list will most likely be torn off by little hands.

Some of our items included:
blue safety pin
gem clip
silver & gold buttons
golf tee
2 sequins
eraser top
silver twist tie
green Ninja man
2 shells
2 beads
2 foam squares
gold brad

I think this toy will be fun to take on long road trips! And….don’t worry….the cap is super-glued on.


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  1. What a neat idea! I love those things myself, so guess I’ll try to make one. You are so “crafty” and good at finding fun things for the boys and Abigail to do. I love you so much! Mom.

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