To my MOM


Dear Mom,
I wish we lived closer in miles. However, I’m very fortunate that you’re only 2.5 hours away. Some of my friends live five states away from their mothers. But, this is my story and my note. We are in each other’s lives, regardless of the travel distance. There is so much to thank you for. This post would be the longest post ever if I thanked you for everything you’ve ever done for me. So, I will narrow my thankfulness down to the most important.

Thank you for loving Jesus. It is because of your love for Jesus that makes me the most thankful. You shared Jesus with me through your actions and in your words. You were gentle and kind to me through my childhood and adolescence, even though I often treated you with little respect. And today, you are still sharing the love of Christ towards me. I see you interact with my children and it makes me happy that they know their “Gami” loves the same God they are taught about. The image that stands out most about you in my mind is that of you at the kitchen table reading your Bible, eating a crunchy peanut butter sandwich, drinking a Diet Coke. I smile thinking of it now. I love you!

My children love talking to you on the phone. They pray for you every night before bed and ask about you often throughout each week. Oh, how I wish that you could live next door so we could be a part of each other’s everyday lives. I’d love to have you over for dinner often so you could taste how my cookin’ has improved (Ha! Can you believe that?!). I think it’s funny that you sometimes ask me for a recipe – that’s hilarious! You will always make the BEST chicken and rice!

I know that I’ve just recently learned more about you…and I love you for sharing your heart with me. I see you no differently. You are my mom….how could I? You have always loved me unconditionally. Please know that my love for you is also unconditional (well, as best as a sinner can love another sinner).

When I think of you, Mom, various images and smells come to mind, such as….

red nail polish
dial soap
chicken and rice (Not that you smell
like that! Just that you cook a mean dish!)

Rave hairspray
zipper robe
southern gospel music
alto voice
furry Bible
fastest typer in the world
organized (files and folders everywhere!)
dozing in chair
tickling my babies

Well, I’m crying now and it’s 1:45 a.m. Mom, I love you with all my heart.
You’re the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day.
The house two doors down is for sale. Wanna come up and take a lookie?

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  1. Oh, sweetheart, what a tribute! Now I’m crying. I wish there were enough words to express how much I love and admire you. It’s amazing the things you listed that remind you of me (I would never have thought of some of those), but I can relate as there were things about my mother that she probably would never have guessed as well. Thank you for loving me in spite of my failures and for remembering the good. You are precious, and I am so thankful God gave you to me, that you love Him as well, and that you are bringing those wonderful babies up to know and love Him. I’m thankful God brought you and Mitch together and that you are serving Jesus and loving each other. (By the way, where did you get that awful picture?! ha – I don’t remember you taking that one.) I love you, Wannie. Have a great day! Mom.

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