Playing with the girls


Holly’s girls came over to play with us for about five hours today. It was a nice twist since I’m so used to crazy loud boys, 24/7. My boys could learn some lessons in being calm and gentle in approach, being polite, and considering others first. I’m not sure if the girls learned much from my boys except how to be loud and messy while breathing. Of course, they all had fun just hanging out together.

Andrew told Morgan he would play with the teddy bear dress puzzle
if she would play with Bob the hermit crab.

Abigail showed Ivey her tunnel.

The sunshine and breeze invited us to come outside
and put our hands in some playdough.

Our morning playgroup eating lunch together around my kitchen table.
I love Mondays.


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  1. cute! i didn’t even see this til today! THANK YOU SO MUCH x 1,000,000 for helping me out the other day! You’re wonderful! I can’t believe Ivey sat at the table to eat! How long did that last? hehe.

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