Luke sings "Amazing Love" (kind of)


Luke loves to sing “Amazing Love” and just discovered that it’s cool to hear how different his voice sounds when singing through a glass. He gets some of the words mixed up but it’s precious! Funny little dude.

Amazing Love
O what sacrifice
The Son of God, givn’ for me
My debt He paid
And my death He died
That I might live

And so…..they watched Him die
Despised, rejected
That I the guilty one
May go free!


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  1. Yes! I love this post! He is so cute! I can’t wait til our babies can play together, Jawan!!! Our little girls will have so much fun — Abigail can teach our little one how to navigate with singing brothers ’til she gets her own. đŸ™‚Great posts, as always, of your kids and crafts,HB

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