Vacation means "Blogger in Draft"


We are leaving today to go on vacation to….no, not the beach….no, not the amusement park…, not there either. We are going to St. Louis! How fun!

We have many many friends that live in this mid-western state and we’re excited about getting this opportunity to see them and stay for an entire week! Also, we have become fun friends with a couple in our church who are from there. We’ve just had the best time getting to know their parents so we were elated when they invited us to stay with them at any time! I mean, who can pass up an offer to stay with wonderful friends who have so lovingly planned meals and cleaned their toilets so you’ll feel right at home (…a clean potty? yeah, right…that never happens at my house with my two little boys)?

So, while away on vacation (I’ll be able to check my email while in St. L but I will be too pooped to blog mulitple times as I normally do), I plan on taking full advantage of Blogger in draft (what I’ll begin referring to as BID). BID works the same as posting through the normal venue of Blogger but it’s different in that it allows you to chose a future date for the post to actually appear on your blog. I’ve been up all night typing many posts and setting their appearance date on my blog. So, it will seem as if I’m sitting down every day this week and writing new information (not that you’re waiting eagerly to read anything I write – unless it’s a freebie, yeah?) when I’ve acutally already written the next five posts and set their appearance date and time for the next five days.

Cool, huh? You should try it!


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