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Free Yoplait yogurt for kids


Any of you out there got some kids? I do! I don’t usually purchase yogurt for no other reason besides it never crosses my mind. I didn’t eat the stuff when I was a kid so it doesn’t tend to make it onto my grocery list. However, when I got this coupon in the mail for a free pack of Kids Yoplait yogurt, I was hooked. It’s yummy…and my kids love it! This is a picture of the actual product that this coupon covers.

Click here and then click on the FREE COUPON button on the right side of the screen. Enter your info and your coupon will be in the mail in a few weeks!

I love freebies….they make me happy. My mailbox loves freebies, too!

Thanks to Marcy at Stretching a Buck for the info on this offer.


@ the lake w/ JMP & Shea

The guy with three first names, John Mark Patrick, and his wonderful wife, Shea, invited us out to their lakehouse for steaks and potatoes. Shea’s brother, Matt, took our boys out on the water for some fun. It was getting dark so they only took two spins on the ripples but they had a blast. Forgive the dark photos….I’m still learning the new settings on my camera and the sun was almost gone for the day.

New RedBox code

New Redbox code:


Some people have asked me how the RedBox “thing” works. So, here I am ready to inform you of how simple it is to go to any RedBox, enter your code, and get a free DVD rental for one night.

1. Find your local RedBox machine (for those of you in Columbus, it’s at the Super WalMart on Whittlesey Blvd)
2. On the touchscreen, choose “RENT A DVD”
3. Touch the title of the movie you wish to take home
4. Touch “CHECK OUT”
5. Touch “Enter Promo Code”

6. Type in the code and wait for confirmation.
7. Enter zip code and email address (optional).
8. Wait for DVD to be dispensed.
9. Go home and enjoy the movie!
You can always cancel the transaction anytime before swiping your card!

As for the codes, sometimes they are good for only that day but some are good for a whole week. I never really know which ones are good for a day or more, but your best bet is to go to the machine with a list of codes and try them until one works. Also, you can only use one code per debit/credit card. If you want to rent two movies for free, you can use the same code but you must swipe a different card for the second movie (making that a total of two transactions, one on each card). Often, I’ll use my card for one movie and then get another movie free after swiping my husband’s card, usually not on the same night, though. I mean….who has time, with three kids, to watch two movies in one night? HA!

Just a note: Remember that only the first night is free. The movie must be returned by 9p.m. the next night or your card will be charged $1. This is the purpose behind swiping your card…so they can charge you in case the movie is late or never returned. I always opt to give them my email address when asked since I like having my receipt emailed to me to verify and cover my end of responsibility.

Remember, you can return the movie to ANY RedBox location! This is great if you want to rent a movie on your way out of town on vacation or elsewhere. Just make sure there’s a RedBox at your destination (or at least somewhere on the way). You can go here to find a location.

Trash to treasure

It amazes me what some people will throw away. I find myself looking at everyone’s trash when driving through the neighborhood. The good thing is that we have trash pickup twice a week! So, you can imagine how excited I was when I found this toy riding car on the side of the road. It is in perfect condition! It just needed a bath before letting the kids speed in it. Why didn’t the owner donate it to a church, a daycare, or to Goodwill? I’m happy to have it but I am baffled that anyone would just throw away an expensive toy still in good working order.