Visiting St. Louis meant that I got to see some friends whom I haven’t laid eyes on in a while. God is so good!

We spent five hours at the Kicklighters house Saturday morning/afternoon. We chatted, ate BBQ at the park, came back home and put kids down for a nap and laughed together some more. I sure wish I could take Becky back home with me. She and I are soooooo alike….it’s a little scary!

After finally leaving the Kicklighters, we traveled over to visit our friends who are attending Covenant Theological Seminary . On the left is my spunky funky Jesus lovin’ friend, Christine. I’ve known Christine since 1997 when meeting her after forming a tight friendship with her twin sister, Diane. Christine always makes me laugh, she’s such a hoot. I got to finally meet her sweet husband, Tom R. I wanted to go home with them and spend a few days since they never stopped joking around the entire night! On the right is my sweet friend, Leesa. I’ve only known Leesa for about three years but she has made an impact on my life and I enjoy being friends with her. Her husband, Scott, and my husband have a tight friendship. We love getting together and letting our husbands discuss the newest theology book while watching our kids play after eating hotdogs and hamburgers. Come back to Columbus, Leesa!

Also, I was able to see April. April read scripture in my wedding. Gosh, this girl makes me laugh. I also FINALLY got to meet her wonderful husband, Dan. I think that they are a perfect match and you can tell that he’s head-over-heels in love with April….as it should be. Next time Mitch and I go swing dancing, we’re calling up the Dan and April, for sure!

Before we got married, Mitch’s roommate was Jason. Jason got to watch Mitch and I fall in love. Since I came into the friendship a little late, I got to hear all about Jason’s pursual of Susie. Susie and I immediately clicked (who wouldn’t click with her? She’s amazing!) and have kept in touch, depsite the miles between us. I sure do miss the stew out of this girl. I could spend all day with Susie and never get enough time with her. She is genuine, through and through. She and Jason have been through some heartache after losing two of their daughters but their love for the Gospel runs deep. We’re praying that Jason will find a job soon since he has just graduated from seminary.

I’ll be posting more pictures of our time in St. Louis when I return home in a few days so stay tuned!


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  1. I’d rather be known as the one who read scripture in your wedding than the one who went swing dancing with Mitch THE ONLY TIME I EVER WENT SWING DANCING!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooo good to see you, friend. Thanks for making time for us. It was brief, but enough to make me committed to the PCA so I can stay connected to you! Ha! And I’m glad you got to meet my man! Isn’t he so great? You think he loves me? Me too!

  2. jawan & fam,So glad you are getting some time away and having fun in MO! Hope y’all have a safe trip back!Give my little buddy Andrew a hug 🙂Love,Heidi

  3. Jawan,I just gave a shower in my home for a couple that is getting married August 2nd and moving to St. Louis for Seminary!!! We had a family go there a few years ago with the last name Doll. What a small world. If you look at my blog the girl in the middle of the shower pics is the one getting married. We are PCA also!

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