Unplugged Project "Sticky"


One of my favorite blogs to read daily is Unplug Your Kids. Each week, the author posts a different challenge to her readers in hopes of widening imaginations (and to stop relying on the TV set to entertain our children) and encouraging creativity. Two weeks ago, her challenge was “sticky” (this week it’s “plastic”). Her challenge is always presented to her readers through show of what she did with her kids for that particular challenge. I decided to copy her sticky project since it fit right in line with what Andrew wanted to make for Mitch for Father’s Day last weekend. You can click here to read detailed step by step instructions from Unplug Your Kids on how we did this pencil/pen holder decoupage can craft.

Below are a few pictures of Andrew actually making his gift to his dad with my simple instructions.

We started with an aluminum can and masking tape.
On day one, Andrew covered the can with small pieces of masking tape to give the can some texture and create a decoupage effect.
On day two, Andrew placed strips of clear scotch tape along the can and then painted the entire can various colors of his choice.
Here’s the final result after the tempra paint dried and the scrotch tape removed. Before presenting it to Dad, we sprayed the can with an acrylic sealer to hold the paint and tape in place…just in case!

Luke also wanted to get in on the sticky action so I found another form of sticky-ness just for him. I taped a piece of contact paper on the window, sticky side exposed (this is a feat in itself!). I pre-cut cute pictures of various fun things out of the June Family Fun magazine since most pictures in it are related to kids and family (duh). Luke colored a cartoon face that resembled his Daddy and then stuck the cut out pictures all around the face. I typed and printed “I love you because you…” and stuck it to the top of the contact paper. I then typed and printed the rest of the sentence beside each picture, such as “…treat me to french fries” and “take me to the playground”. I sealed the finished creation with a top piece of contact paper and we decided to give it to Mitch as a placemat, wall decoration, or whatever other idea he could come up with.

(Click on any of the images to see them larger.)

Andrew wanted to make one, too….I mean, have you tried to keep a second set of hands away from their brother’s sticky contact sheet? It was best to let him make a second gift for Mitch.

Father’s Day was certainly celebrated at our house!


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