My first oil painting


I’ve always loved painting with acrylics but have never dabbled in oils before. I’ve got a few friends who will be having baby girls soon so I thought I’d experiment with oils by making something for one of them (I won’t mention any names). I had so much fun with this project and can’t wait to do more.

Note to self: It takes quite some time for the oils to dry. It’s been three days and the canvas is still wet. I wonder how long I’ll be waiting….


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  1. Yes, that is precisely the reason I both love and hate oils! With the longer drying times you have more room to fudge a little on your work, however, I cannot work with oils anymore because of the smell. It just really gets to my head and being pregnant I cannot tolerate it. I’m an acrylic girl. I don’t like to get real messy and acrylics clean up nice. But I have found other oil based paints that clean rather well with soap and water. They are a little more expensive though.Your painting is adorable. Makes me want to be creative and do something myself! Congrats. I’m an Art Major so I eat this stuff up!

  2. 6 months is the answer for the drying, especially in the South! That’s what I’ve been told anyways. We missed you this week. The Austin’s are having a going away open house at their house tomorrow. 4-7. Please call for directions and please stop by!

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