I hosted playgroup at my house yesterday and it was so much fun. Some might think that since summer moves at a slower pace than the school year that we would have an easier time getting together during the week….but it’s been so hard to get everyone’s vacation schedules together so we could meet regularly. This week seemed to hold the most hope for a playdate so everyone, except Angela (on bed rest at 32 weeks prego) and Holly (out of town), came over.

Can you count the number of heads you see (answer = 9)? The funny thing is that there are four kids not pictured! Our playgroup is growing!

Also, I’ve decided that I am going to do a a better job of finding other alternatives to lunch rather than sandwiches. Sandwiches are fun, tasty, and make for an easy/quick fix but I/we need some variety. I made some chili chowder for them today and they gobbled it up. I must give credit to one of my friends, Chrissy , from whom I stole this recipe. My boys loved the chowder and so did the other moms at playgroup today. I barely have any left for lunch tomorrow.

You can play around with this recipe. You really can’t mess it up. Just add as many cans of chili or corn that you’d like.

Chili Chowder

Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups rice

2 cans of chili (of your choice)

one can of corn (UNDRAINED!)

Recipe Procedure:

Pour the prepared rice in a large mixing bowl (prepare rice by using instructions on rice box/bag).

While it’s hot and cooking, add butter and salt.

Add chili and stir

Add undrained corn and stir

Pour into a bowl and add sliced cheese on top and scoop with spoon or cracker.

Oh, it feels good to fill other people’s stomachs. I hope they’re happy.

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