I’m going to miss my friends


They’ve only been here a year but in that time we have all become very close friends. The G. family moved to our city last summer and were told (by the army) that they’d be here for two years. They became very active in our church and soon joined. Our children became fast friends and we called each other almost every day. We were all disappointed and shocked when, just four months ago (only eight months into their residency here), the army told them they were to move north. Ugh. My heart sank. Why must friends come and go so often? Living in a military town is hard. You meet some wonderful people and then they are re-assigned and move. However, as Mitch mentioned in a sermon a few weeks ago, how blessed we are that our paths were ordained to cross. It’s encouraging to see God’s people come and lead, giving Him the glory through their lives…then they move to do the same in another place where others might see and hear.

We drove north to Atlanta last night to have a huge meal together at Maggiano’s in Buckhead. I’m still full, 24 hours later. What an amazing eating establishment! How come I’ve never been before????? It was fun to pass food back and forth, laugh with each other, help in maintaining order among the children (there were five total), and eat until our bellies exploded. I still can’t believe we actually left with TO GO boxes. Thanks, M. and S., for a wonderful time last night. We will never forget it and we probably won’t ever go to Maggiano’s again without thinking of you. Who knows….we may not visit Maggiano’s at all without your family with us. Is there one in C-town?

Andrew will miss L.J.G.’s friendship immensely….they were lizard hunting friends.

Luke will be disappointed that L.C.G. won’t be at playgroup anymore…who will he chase now?

Abigail will miss being cared for by L.C.G….who else dotes on her like that?

I can’t believe I cried like I did when I told you “bye” this afternoon, M. Well, actually, I can. You and I clicked the moment we met and I enjoyed every minute I spent with you. Thanks for all those mornings when you would come over with coffee just to sit and chat. Thank you for encouraging me and making me laugh. I already miss you and just want to drive over to the hotel in town where you all are staying tonight just to give one last hug.

You have put an offer on the table that we are welcome any time to come up for a visit. Please know that we will take you up on that offer (just ask Kacie’s parents) within the next year (providing the army doesn’t move you again). Drive carefully over the next week and I’ll be praying for you as you spend some free time on vacation as a family, visit relatives along the way to your new home, and as you unpack boxes and make a new spot for each item.

We love you all.

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  1. aww sweetie–we had a ball while you all were here, (even though I was really tuckered out) and you just need to plan to go visit them! I’ve told Kacie lots of times, when you cross paths with wonderful people and you get to know and love them, and then the Lord takes them away to do His work somewhere else, don’t ever say good bye–you say so long because once that door is open and friendships develop–they are only going as far away as a phone call or email. Instead, say so long, because even if you don’t see them again in this place, we know we’ll see those special friends again one day as we all kneel and worship our Lord and King…

  2. Jawan — I think that I was numb yesterday. Saying goodbye made it so final! Then, when I got to that empty house, I just lost it. Sean had to hold me while I just sobbed. Girl, your friendship has meant the world to me this past year. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s only been a year. I’ve felt like I’ve known you all my life. Thanks for investing in us, even thought you knew it wouldn’t be for very long. That means alot to both of us. I love you like a sister. M

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