Learning to ride


Andrew’s first bike was given to him by my mother’s neighbors at Christmas end two years ago when their son received a larger one as a gift. Since Andrew was only two at the time, we had training wheels put on the back tires and he quickly jumped on, ready to ride. Now it’s a two years later and Andrew has outgrown that bike. We decided we didn’t want to take the training wheels off the bike for two reasons. One, it was already too small of a bike for Andrew…and….two, Luke is no longer timid and hesitant to get on the bike…the perfect size for him.

So, I began praying for God to provide a bike for Andrew. All little boys remember learning to ride a bike and I wanted my firstborn to have that experience, too. If God chose otherwise, I prayed that an opportunity would arise where he could spend some time with someone who did have a bike so he could ride from time to time.

We have some sweet friends who are moving next week to Tennessee and they gave us a call last weekend to tell us that they had a good number of items they didn’t want to take with them to Tennessee. They are decluttering (just as I am) and decided to dump their clutter on me…I’ll take it! The first question she asked was, “Do the boys have a need for a bike without training wheels?”. I gasped. Literally. I replied with a quick and high pitched, “Yes!” which caused my friend to wonder why I was so excited. I told her that we had prayed for a bike to come Andrew’s way and she was the means that God chose to provide it for us.


So….Mitch has spent a good bit of time trying to teach Andrew to balance on the new bike with no training wheels. I am so proud


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  1. Hey you guys! I am THRILLED that you got a new bike, but I WONDERING why Mitch is wearing long sleeves and pants in JULY…in south Georgia? 🙂 MO

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