Monthly Archives: July 2008

Two new friends


While in Florida visiting my sister (enough about Florida already, Jawan!), I made two sweet friends; Kimberly and Ashley. Let me just say that these two gals are a hoot and a half! I had so much fun hanging out with them and getting to know them through the fun hours we spent together in the pool, at the zoo, and during our two hour stay at Chick-Fil-A for lunch (those employees were certainly glad to see our crazy bunch finally leave!).

First, our clothing budget for the next six months has been taken care of, thanks to Ashley. She has a precious little girl who had tubs full of clothes too small to wear. What did Ashley do? She gave them all to Abigail! Abigail has a full chest of drawers and clean dresses in her closet to chose from for the next two seasons. Thanks, Ashley!

Also, I must say thanks to Kimberly. She allowed us to swim in her pool for hours and hours. Her home, property and personality were so inviting that I even surprised her one morning to let her know I was “here” and wanted to play in the pool with the kiddos. After an hour of swimming, she brought out a bowl of hot chicken-n-dumplings for lunch! Talk about pool-side service! Her little girl is the same age as Andrew so they hit it off immediately. In fact, on an afternoon excursion around the yard, they helped each other when they encountered some car trouble.


Broken lens


My camera bag fell out of the car while unpacking from our Florida trip. Horrors. Now I’m the owner of a broken lens. I’m going to go crazy without my camera around my neck to snap pictures at every moment.

Florida, Day Four

On our final day at my sister’s in Florida, we went swimming for two hours in the morning and then visited a local ranch where we fed one year old alpacas, gave treats to a couple of horses, and played ball with the farm dogs. Luke wasn’t able to go to the ranch since we decided to go during his nap-time.

The Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo


Going to a zoo is something my kids have always loved to do. Even though you may think “you’ve seen one zoo, you’ve seen them all”, my boys do not think that is a true statement. When an opportunity arises to visit a new city, we always seek out information about the zoo. This trip was no different.

Although it’s was miserably hot outside, we ventured to The Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo yesterday. Here, all Zoology majors work hands on with training the animals, teaching the public about each animal, and taking medical care of them as well as maintianing their enclosed habitat. It was very neat to see these college students in action. The animals were magnificent but the kids soon lost interest when they (the kids – ha!) began getting irritable 30 minutes into our adventure…it was hot and they were hungry.

Anywho…here are a few pics I took today (with a borrowed lens) at the zoo.

I took these three monkeys home with me when they fell asleep at the zoo. Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone!