The perfect pet for Heather O.


I had a conversation last night with my friend, Heather O. She stated that she is not an animal lover and is not looking forward to the day when her two children begin asking her for a pet. Well, her four year old has already asked her but Heather is doing her dang best by using many techniques of distraction (and avoidance).

So, I have the perfect pet(s) for Heather. I was so excited about this find that I just had to take a video of it to demonstrate how easy they are to care for. They never poop, they never need feeding, and their water is always crystal clear. They even come with their very own nightlight. The humming is included and makes for a nice noise while trying to drift off to sleep. I’m just sayin’…..

Did you hear my husband in the background soon after he turned off the kitchen light?

Anyway, I hope you got a kick out of this, Heather. I’m sure Leesa, Zevac, Kat, and Bridget did. This was purchased at Walgreens so go get your daughter one!


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