Chapman family interview


I just finished watching the Chapman family being interviewed on Larry King Live tonight. I think I cried through the entire show. What a humble family. Through the awful tragedy, they still proclaim their faith in Christ. The three oldest Chapman siblings, Emily, Caleb, and Will, are so mature. They are wonderful blessings and testimonies to their parents. Larry, and callers/emailers, asked Steven so many times, “How do you cope? Are you angry with God? How do you endure?”…..he answered with confidence that it is because of the deep love our Father has for his family that they can move on while never forgetting Maria. As Emily said, “His mercies are indeed new every morning”. Praise His name.


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  1. The smile on Chapman’s face touched me….after each child spoke, it was like he was saying “Yeah that’s my kids demonstrating their unshakeable faith in God and proclaiming HIS greatness and mercy no matter what trials they face”. Such a look of approval and pride… It’s how we, as Christian parents, want our children to respond during adversity ….daily dying to self and trusting the Lord to guide us …absolutely touching.

  2. It was really amazing… I am so glad you reminded us (via blog!) to watch. I thought the best part was when he said something along the lines of … we’ve stumbled over our words this entire interview because we’re only attempting to explain our understanding of what happened- one day we’ll know why… and our Father comforts and loves us in the meantime.

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