New Bible


Andrew attended Open House at his school tonight. He loves his new teacher, Mrs. B, and is excited about starting school on Monday in a class with only seven students. I can’t wait to see all that he learns and brings home to tell this school year. As a gift, we gave Andrew his first hardcover Bible last week. Even though he can’t read yet, he has enjoyed pointing at the words, identifying letters, and pretending to read the stories to me that he’s learned about. A few days ago, he decided to pull a chair into the playroom and read in “the sunshine from the window” (his words).


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  1. Oh I love that last picture! I remember that wonder before my first day of school and sitting, staring at books knowing that school would help me decipher them.My mother tells me I returned from my first day of kindergarten in tears because they hadn’t taught me how to read yet. 🙂

  2. We gave Charlee a Bible for Christmas…immediately she found a yellow highlighter and went to work. I went to scold her but realized she was only mimicking what I do with my bible…. hopefully when she starts to read, she will not only highlight but hide the words in her heart. We never know who is watching (or listening). <><

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