My favorite scrapbook blog & a new friend


Ok, I’m sure my readers are aware that I love, love, love to scrapbook pictures of my family and anything and EVERYTHING we do.

*ahem*…..Yes, Chrissy, I still remember your advice given to me in my hospital room right after Andrew was born: “You don’t have to take a picture of EVERYTHING, Jawan”. Believe it or not, that advice rings in my head every time I ask myself, “Should I get my camera for this? No, he’s just trimming his toenails for the first time…that’s no big deal. Oh my gosh, there’s blood everywhere! Why didn’t I grab my camera? Dang it, Chrissy!”.


I met someone famous this past Friday night! Don’t blush, AJ. How did I not know that a famous person lived in my very city and that I have probably bumped into her at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, or in ChickFilA? How famous, you ask? Well, her layout designs have been drooled over since she started scrapping at age three…just kidding. Seriously, this lady has had her work published in some MAJOR scrapbooking magazines. I just read her resume and I am in awe. I didn’t get alot of one on one time with AJ last night since she was being bombarded with autograph requests and consultations (just kidding) but I enjoyed our short conversations across the table from time to time. When I saw AJ walk toward my table and was told “who she was”, I joked with her that I was going to make a cubicle around myself so she couldn’t see my elementary layouts. She smiled and giggled humbly. AJ had nothing but praise to give to all those who hovered over her with their layout results. She’s the one that designs the layout template for the monthly scrap challenges for our local scrapbook shoppe so it makes me feel better to enter the challenge knowing the “master” isn’t eligible. HA!

I say all of this because I wanted to show you some of AJ’s work. I’ve added her blog as a link on the right hand side of my blog but you can quickly click here to see some of her recent stuff. AJ has recently been experimenting with digital scrapbooking but most of her blog contains scans of her handmade layouts (refer to her archives). You can also click on My Resume to read all of her scrapbooking publications and accomplishments.


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