Said I’d never go there….


Gosh, I’ve already started this post twice and deleted it both times for fear of being judged or misread. Why is it that talking about politics is such a touchy subject? My two deleted drafts were much more in depth than this one but I decided against them. I was at a late night scrapbooking crop tonight and someone began expressing their opinion and love for one of the candidates. Internally, I cringed and wondered if the others around me where also hoping that the conversation wouldn’t turn violent hostile.

See, here’s where I really want to express my own opinion about the candidates and issues but I just don’t think my readers really care to know or want to read and see more of what’s already splattered all over their television. I guess I just don’t want this blog to turn into a political arena because it’s not what I intended it for (maybe I should follow the lead of a friend of mine and create a second blog just for political talk – on second thought, NO).

See, this is where I want to insert a link to a favorite blog of mine regarding the presidential candidates. But I shall not.

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  1. I think that friend of yours who started the second blog for politics to keep the politics off her mama blog, is probably too wrapped up in the sound of her own blogging voice.Unless that person isn’t me, and you know someone ELSE who has done the same thing. Then: oops sorry, I was talking about me.

  2. I think you should just go ahead and state your opinions! I’d love to know it… that’s the whole point of blogging, right?! If I didn’t want to know what you thought- I wouldn’t visit your blog almost every day!

  3. i’ve never known you to not say what is on your mind. i think we should be responsible for stating our views. it is how you state them that can be dangerous. since, i know you and your sweet demeanor, i know you can be firm in what you want to say without being hostile. i say you go girl. what if Palin had been quiet? carrie engle

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