Been thinking….


I’ve been doing some thinking lately (no snide remarks, Stuart).

Wanna know why I don’t like posting about politics? Because I know that I probably have friends who are voting for the person I’m not voting for.

Please understand that I’m not implying that you can’t support Obama and be a Christian. I believe there are many Christians who will be rallying behind Obama. I’m also not saying that someone must support X candidate if they are a Christian.

While I have conflicting ideas about what we should do in Iraq, how to reform education, the process of health care, and the deal-io about social security, I’m really conservative because of one issue and one issue alone. Abortion.

I am pro-life. I can not, and will not, vote for anyone who is pro-choice. I whole-heartedly believe that life begins at conception and that God designed each life long before it was even made. Therefore, I can’t vote for someone who values the mother’s choice over the life of a child.

I understand that there are reasons why other people support opposing parties but those reasons are certainly nothing to be divisive about or bring discord to friendships. I value relationships over the issues so I will always choose my friends over candidates.


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  1. Jawan, I’ve always said that a person is much more than the sum of her opinions. Friends (especially moms) can find plenty of common ground even with differing opinons. (Though mine happen to align with yours, at least on the pro-life issue.)On the other hand, I have way more opinions than I do friends . . . hmm, there’s food for thought. šŸ™‚

  2. I am with you, Jawan. The biggest issue I have between the two candidates boils down to their stances on abortion. And, like you, I could never EVER vote for someone that supports abortion. I just can’t. Honestly, the abortion issue pretty well defines my choice for November.

  3. Yeah, politics winds up getting a lot of Christian folk away from whats important (and by a lot of Christian folk, I really mean me). It’s real encouraging to hear God’s love ring out above politics–I needed that. You guys rock!

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