Monthly Archives: September 2008

Twig House


The weather has been cool this week. After dinner last night, I took the boys out to the yard to break a few small sticks into twigs. Then, we three worked together to construct their first ever twig house. They added leaves, rocks, and tree berries to the house and thought their final result was “so cool”.

The boys went back inside and came out with a small ninja man and green slimy looking thing to place inside and around their little house. Andrew said that the ninja man was trying to kill the slimy thing and protect his house. Oh, the stories they told while they were building!

I thought it was neat that Andrew decided to make a road from our front door to the twig house. This is the kind of play-time I enjoy most.

In a few years, Abigail will join us and the boys will have to incorporate dolls and such into their manly home. That will be interesting.



You’ll notice some of the pictures from our vacation at the beach have white space around them. This is because I saved all the pictures to a CD on Mitch’s laptop while in Florida. I came home and transferred them to my online service and have had to save from there to post to here. Getting them directly off the CD is too much work. I usually save my pics directly to my home desktop from my CF card which allows pictures to be larger with no white space. I’m sure you all really cared to know all that….blah, blah, ramble, ramble.

Anyway, if you wish to view any beach-trip picture at a larger size, just click on it.

Putt Putt


Tiger Woods needs to bring his training camp to our hometown. Just kidding. The beach wouldn’t be THE BEACH without some time on the putting green. The little guys hit the ball too hard, too often. We lost one in the water but Mitch was able to retrieve it. I think the average stroke for Andrew and Luke was eight…wait, ten…no, it was nine….oh, who was really counting!?! Mitch got a hole-in-one…you go, Baby!

Frustration came easy at times (for all of us, photographer included) but we kept our cool by playing with the safari animals and posing for MORE pictures by Crazy-Mom.

"No dessert for you!"


Luke went to bed tonight without dinner. Well, it was his choice. We had lasagna (yum!) and garlic bread for dinner but he decided that he didn’t want what I had prepared. Instead, he begged for crackers and ice-cream. I know – what a weird combination. Luke doesn’t surprise me anymore. He is probably our most finicky child but I’m no longer caught off guard by his tantrums and flip-flopping of choices.

So, I stuck to my guns and told him that he wasn’t going to get any other food until he took one (one!) bite of his lasagna. He refused. When Andrew asked for jello as a small dessert snack, Luke chimed in and asked for one, too. When Abigail got a few bites of yogurt, Luke wanted some, too. Each time, I gently reminded Luke that his plate full of delicious lasagna was still on the kitchen table. And each time, he slumped over, moaning about how he didn’t want to eat a bite (one!) of lasagna.

We’ll see how hungry he is in the morning. Muffins are on the menu for breakfast (processed and straight from the bag, CC) so I won’t be surprised if he scarfs two down in one gulp.

Potty 101


Luke is 100% potty trained. He did it all by himself. I can’t take any credit. He won’t be three until December. I don’t know how it happened as fast as it did.

Abigail has already shown an interest in sitting on the potty. She’ll be fifteen months old next week. She laughs when I put her on the potty and gets mad when I take her off.

My silly girl


Usually, I get at least one morning, sometimes two, a week where it’s just Abigail and me. During that time, we pretty much stay on the floor playing, laughing, chasing, or pushing toys. Sometimes we take a walk in the neighborhood or go to the gym. This week, however, was busy and full of appointments for a lot of family members. I missed my one-on-one time with Abigail so we made up for it today.

First, I painted her toenails.

Next, we discussed her Halloween costume.

Then, we went outside to swing in the cool weather.

Finally, after dinner, our family drove one mile to get the best ice-cream in town.

We’re pooped!