Thanks, Becky!


Both of my boys love to check the mailbox. They like seeing the freebies that come each day. It’s a treat! One day last week, Andrew received his own special treat in the form of a beautiful striped blue bubble envelope.

“What could it be?”, he asked. “Who sent this to me?”, he inquired. I told him that our St. Louis friend, Becky, did. We opened it up and read the note first. Becky said that she and her daughter, “Little”, thought of Andrew when they saw the enclosed book and just had to send it to him. He then pulled out the book, “How to Draw 101 Things That Go” and ran to find his pencil.

He loves it! Andrew drew the shrimp boat and choo choo train below (I helped him on most of the train). Do you see the small tiny black dots placed “here and there” on the drawing (click on the pictures to enlarge)? Those were reference points for him to connect with lines. He liked connecting the dots!

Both the train and boat are now hanging on our art wall. Thanks, Becky! You are now officially one of Andrew’s favorite people.


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  1. Andrew – Those are BRILLIANT!!!Your talent for drawing is super – God really blessed you. I can’t wait to see how you use this gift for His glory!Mrs. Becky

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