"No dessert for you!"


Luke went to bed tonight without dinner. Well, it was his choice. We had lasagna (yum!) and garlic bread for dinner but he decided that he didn’t want what I had prepared. Instead, he begged for crackers and ice-cream. I know – what a weird combination. Luke doesn’t surprise me anymore. He is probably our most finicky child but I’m no longer caught off guard by his tantrums and flip-flopping of choices.

So, I stuck to my guns and told him that he wasn’t going to get any other food until he took one (one!) bite of his lasagna. He refused. When Andrew asked for jello as a small dessert snack, Luke chimed in and asked for one, too. When Abigail got a few bites of yogurt, Luke wanted some, too. Each time, I gently reminded Luke that his plate full of delicious lasagna was still on the kitchen table. And each time, he slumped over, moaning about how he didn’t want to eat a bite (one!) of lasagna.

We’ll see how hungry he is in the morning. Muffins are on the menu for breakfast (processed and straight from the bag, CC) so I won’t be surprised if he scarfs two down in one gulp.


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  1. Tell him he should be thanking God he lives in your house and not mine. I’m so mean I make them eat that bite of dinner before they can have breakfast the next day! Way to stick to your guns, momma.

  2. Good for you Jawan. We did this last night with Brandon. He didn’t want his peas. I’m getting sick of bowing to him when it comes to dinner so we started refusing him things when he started refusing his veggies. He’ll pretty much eat anything else. Another thing we do is serve veggies first. There have been a few nights he’s gone to bed with nothing. I’ve learned the hard way this is how it has to be. Thank you for your post and giving me some encouragement.And yes, Brandon will scarf down Breakfast the next day too!

  3. I’m with beck’sthree. It’s not a pretty thing, but I had to eat for breakfast what I refused to eat for supper and so did Jonathan. We’ve decided it will be the same in our house, but so far we haven’t been tested on it. (so far . . .)

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