Twig House


The weather has been cool this week. After dinner last night, I took the boys out to the yard to break a few small sticks into twigs. Then, we three worked together to construct their first ever twig house. They added leaves, rocks, and tree berries to the house and thought their final result was “so cool”.

The boys went back inside and came out with a small ninja man and green slimy looking thing to place inside and around their little house. Andrew said that the ninja man was trying to kill the slimy thing and protect his house. Oh, the stories they told while they were building!

I thought it was neat that Andrew decided to make a road from our front door to the twig house. This is the kind of play-time I enjoy most.

In a few years, Abigail will join us and the boys will have to incorporate dolls and such into their manly home. That will be interesting.


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  1. Aren’t boys so wonderful!!! I love watching how their little minds work. I grew up with 2 sisters and have thoroughly enjoyed mine. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved having my daughter last as she held my hand when we went places together until she was as tall as I am.

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