Monthly Archives: September 2008

Potty 101


Luke is 100% potty trained. He did it all by himself. I can’t take any credit. He won’t be three until December. I don’t know how it happened as fast as it did.

Abigail has already shown an interest in sitting on the potty. She’ll be fifteen months old next week. She laughs when I put her on the potty and gets mad when I take her off.


My silly girl


Usually, I get at least one morning, sometimes two, a week where it’s just Abigail and me. During that time, we pretty much stay on the floor playing, laughing, chasing, or pushing toys. Sometimes we take a walk in the neighborhood or go to the gym. This week, however, was busy and full of appointments for a lot of family members. I missed my one-on-one time with Abigail so we made up for it today.

First, I painted her toenails.

Next, we discussed her Halloween costume.

Then, we went outside to swing in the cool weather.

Finally, after dinner, our family drove one mile to get the best ice-cream in town.

We’re pooped!