Halloween countdown


I know that I’m a bigger fan of Reformation Day rather than Halloween, but they both bring out the creativity in me. I saw this pumpkin craft on another blog (sorry, can’t remember which one) and decided it was so easy that the boys just had to make one.

Andrew cut the pumpkin, leg/arm strips, and some of the facial features. I helped him staple the arms and legs and then we stretched high to hang it on the kitchen wall. There are 30 links all together. Each night before going to bed, the boys cut a link off the pumpkin’s leg (or hand). They really enjoy this!

Luke wanted a green dancing pumpkin ’cause he’s always got his groove on. There’s no other reason for the green pumpkin other than that. Sweet, huh?

Now, tomorrow I will Google ideas for crafts or activities involving “Diet of Worms” and the 95 Theses.


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