Fabric garland


I’ve had some leftover fabric strips in one of my craft drawers FOREVER! I’ve been tempted to throw them away (we all know that I don’t sew) but have held onto them since I knew that one day the right craft would come along. It finally did! I saw this fabric banner/garland on Design Mom and couldn’t wait to make a similar one of my own. I changed it up a bit and just tied one knot around a long piece of twine. I had so much scrap fabric that I was able to make two garlands. One for myself to hang on the kitchen door and another for my sister who just celebrated her 40th birthday and is about to buy a new house.

Just tie, scrunch, and hang!


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  1. Very cute!!!! Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you’ve conquerd a new task. I stayed up ’til 3am the other night ’cause by gosh I was gonna make my baby a tutu… and girl I did. We won’t talk about the fact that my WHOLE living room was covered in black and orange tulle…. now to the Halloween costume. I am sure that on will be beautiful in you sisters new home….although I feel like a member of my family is moving away. I told Angela ya’ll go ahead and keep planning you summer Florida visit… I have plenty of room and I am sure that my summer Kimberly will collect a few more dogs, cows, horses.

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