Space Toad House


Here I am again…..copying another craft from another blog.’! I saw this space toad house on Gardening Without Skills and my first thought was that my boys would love making something like this for all those little frogs they find in our backyard.

I found a huge terracotta pot for $1 at Old Time Pottery while on vacation in Destin, FL. It made the trip home in our stuffed van without getting cracked! Andrew primed it with some acrylic paint and then I spray painted it silver. Andrew made the black markings all over the pot and helped me hot glue the clear oval marbles on.

Both boys helped in picking out the wire from my “box of random items”.

This was a fun craft to make but I still have one more step to make and need some advice/help from you. I’ve already colored in the door opening (mouse hole) for the frog to enter and exit; however, I don’t know how to cut a terracotta pot without it cracking in two. Anyone got a suggestion?


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