Imagination Library


Two years ago, I signed Andrew up for the Imagination Library (IL). IL exists to help promote reading among children under age five. To read how your child can receive a free book each month, click here. Pictured below are a few of the books Andrew has received. His bookshelf contains two years of books and still has six months of free books to come!

Thanks, Becky, for reminding me how awesome this program is.


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  1. I signed the babies up for this a few weeks ago! They are sending 3 copies of the same book each month. I asked about that and they said that the same book each month went out to each child, even if in the same household. We don’t need 3 copies of each book, so I need to find some place to donate the other 2 books. I saw that in the Pedi Office today they are doing a program where they give each child a book at each of their well visits and was asking for donations of books to give to the child’s siblings. I might have to look more into that. I loved Brent today at the Pedi Office. We had a nasty run in with Dr. O one night, but I was pleased with Brent!

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