LE slippers for cheap!


It’s getting cold. It’s almost time to turn on the heat in the house. ALMOST.

I’ve been wearing the same ‘ole pair of slippers for about three years. Yeah, I know….most of you have pairs that are way older than that. I wear mine every minute that I’m at home (which is alot) so they don’t last very long. They take out the trash with me, catch juice droplets at the refrigerator door, get wet when a child upchucks on them, and get a bath every night when splashing and laughing with the kids in the tub. I don’t like that my slippers are open-toe causing my feet to catch a draft and stay cold during the autumn and winter. Don’t likey.

Then, I saw this post and new it was a way to get some good quality slippers for a low price. Don’t you like them? My feet and toes are very appreciative.
Cozy….warm….book…cup of joe….zzzzzzz


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