Decorated glass jars


I love making crafts from items we already have in the house. Makes me feel efficient and creative. Of course, I steal ideas from other blogs so I guess that makes me a creative-craft-thief. Once again, here’s another craft idea – this one discovered on Makes and Takes.

I’ve had a bag of random items sitting in a box under my bed just waiting for their final resting place….clear rocks, shells, & glittery neon flat squares (? don’t have a clue where they came from). The empty jars screamed for them so we got our hot glue gun ready and went to town decorating spaghetti and pizza sauce jars.

Andrew shows off his final result.

Andrew decided the jar was the perfect place for his new set of colored pencils.

This is what Abigail was doing while we were decorating our jars.
Aren’t her feet cute with all those squares stuck to it? Oh yeah, it was LOADS of fun sweeping up all those squares….especially the ones stuck to the dried sticky juice drops.

Luke got in on the crafty action after waking from his nap. He decided he wanted a jar covered in shells we collected from our trip made two years ago to Panama City Beach, FL.

He also put his set of colored pencils in his jar.

When finished, all three kiddos sat at the table and drew
(scribbled) on large pieces of cardstock paper.


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