The Stamped Envelope


My cousin Kelly is, well…..talented. I’m just gonna take a paragraph and brag on her a little bit, ’cause I can! Plus, she’s family and she makes me look good. HA!

I’m often quite envious that Kelly gets paid to do something that she loves to do. Of course, her graphic design mind works totally different than mine. Me, graphic design? HA! I’m still plodding my way through Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6.

That reminds me – I’ve got to go to YouTube and find a tutorial on that software!

Kelly graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in graphic design. Since then, she’s started her own stationary business called The Stamped Envelope. Kelly has designed art on paper in the form of holiday cards, enclosures, invitations, labels, wedding invites, and baby announcements. Recently, I asked her to design a pack of Mommy Cards for me and I fell in love with the final result!

Kelly’s goal at The Stamped Envelope is “to create an experience for each customer that provides him or her with a product that reflects their personality in a way that cannot be found elsewhere.” You can be sure that every order is made to your complete satisfaction with much care and detail.

If you haven’t yet thought of what you’re gonna do for your annual Christmas card greeting this holiday season, you should take the time to visit the Christmas section of The Stamped Envelope to see all that Kelly has to offer. There are many pages full of various fun an
d traditional designs so you’re bound to find one that you will like. Oh yeah, you can pay via credit card directly on the website….that’s so helpful!

Happy shopping!


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