The retreat was awesome. I was able to attend with three friends from our church and also got to visit with old friends from other churches in our presbytery. In a room full of about 70 women, hymns of praise were sung to God:

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
How Great Thou Art
O Worship The King
There Is A Redeemer
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Hallelujah! Thine The Glory
Amazing Grace.


“Sonship-driven” Lynn Reinstra was our speaker this past weekend and I enjoyed hearing her testimony of her journey of spiritual adoption to the Father’s heart. Very refreshing. We four wild gals stayed up late (12:30 a.m. – which is early for me, if you know me well) giggling like high schoolers. It was so much fun. The only thing we didn’t do was paint each other’s toenails. After you hit the age of 30 you just don’t care as much about getting on the floor in a circle and painting another’s toes.

Anyway, enough about feet…..I was able to reconnect with an old college friend, Kelly Y., while there. Gosh, I had such a great conversation with her. We actually talked about several issues the PCA is dealing with right now and where we stand on those matters. Who would’ve thunk it?

Just before we departed for home, I snapped this picture of my three friends from my church. Chrissy and her baby, KJ, Alison holding KJ, and Jennifer. I wanted to jump in this picture but there was no where to prop my camera for the self timer.

I am eagerly waiting for January to arrive so we can meet up with our sister churches again!


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