Thanksgiving in pictures

Luke and Andrew with their cousin Emily.

A bunch of relatives sitting around the dining room table “talking and beaming” to each other with their phone Bluetooth capabilities. Such geeks.

Uncle Stuart (my brother) running downhill with Luke and Abigail.

Andrew peeking through the driveway pipe.

Lots of time spent outside in this tree.
Seems I always snap a picture of these two climbing together.
It’s a pile-up on Angela, my sister. Notice how I stay safe behind the lens? I commanded my boys to join in on top. Isn’t Mitch a hoot smiling back there in the background, offering no help?

My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday. She had four children so every holiday is big at her house. My father, who passed away in 2000, was child #3. Our family (families) posed with Granny just after eating a huge Thanksgiving meal.

Top: Mitch, Abigail, Mom, Meredith, Ethan, Steve, Angela
Bottom: Stuart, Granny, Andrew, Emily, me, Luke

Can they all fit inside a guitar case? You be the judge.

The six grandkids. My mom was so proud. Angela and I both have three kids (age range 17 years to 17 months old). Come on, Stuart….you better get a move on!


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