Ye old sub shoppe


I went on a lunch date with my husband (and Abigail) today where we ventured to a new sub shoppe here in town (two locations to serve you). After finishing my meal, I told my husband I had an idea for my next blog post….so, here it is.

Ye old sub shoppe, ranked from best to worst, in my opinion.

1. Firehouse Subs – …nothing beats the #1 combo (no onions, please). Their mayo-dijon mustard sauce is amazing and the bread is soft. This is always my first pick for a sandwich. Great service! They yell, “Welcome to Firehouse” when you walk in the door. Of course, they never glance up to greet you ’cause they are working hard to make those awesome sandwiches! Sign up for their birthday club and get a free sub of your choice on your birthday.

2. Subway – …the old shoppe that’s been around forever and can be found on any town corner (or in strip mall). Love the variety they offer but the bread can be a little hard at times (so much for eating fresh). They are also very stingy with their napkins. My favorite is the roasted chicken breast on wheat bread.

3. Quizno’s – Great menu but outrageously high in price. I do, however, like their condiment bar. The store always appears to be clean…as it should be with those high prices. They share their napkins.

4. Blimpie – I don’t get to frequent a Blimpie all that often. I used to visit it often when I was in college since my apartment was almost directly across the street from a Blimpie. Now, one store is in Hamilton (about 25 minutes north) and the other in the Super Walmart across the river in Alabama. I do remember that the sandwiches were delightful and the soup was even better.

INFINITY (AKA #5) Jimmy John’s – Ok, where do I start? This was where we ate today and I must say that I was extremely disappointed. I am no food critic but I certainly sounded like one after finishing my meal. No lengthy details will I bore you with but know that the bread is on the verge of hard and the sandwich is dry. They don’t tell you this but you can get “freebies” on your sandwich (it’s in the fine print on the menu). Mitch thought the tea was good but I didn’t get a chance to try it since I was trying to hunt down napkins. Apparently, they are stingy with their paper goods, too.


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  1. Have you ever tried Larry’s Subs? My favorite. I still haven’t yet tried Firehouse although everyone says how good they are. I feel like I’d be cheating on Larry though.

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