Mountain top experience


I really did learn a lot of stuff at the conference I just attended…I promise! But, I think that the one thing that I most took away from my time there was connecting with friends and making new ones. I’m always about conversation and relationships!

Gail, it was so fun to be around you and hear all about dairy farming. I REALLY am going to bring the family up to north Alabama and visit the Rankin farm….and spend some time with Rayann, too!

Michele, you were a hoot. I won’t forget spotting you in the dark at the bus-stop at Covenant College. You were so cold but you were laughing your booty off at us crazy gals. The literal trip down the mountain was something I’ll never forget. So glad we met!

Sheila, girl….I’m so thankful I’m gonna get to spend a lot more time with you. It makes me smile to know that God placed us in the same presbytery so we can get together often.

I miss you all!


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  1. I CANNOT believe it!! I turned 21 at the Rankin dairy farm!! Rayanne is one of my DEAR friends from college and we went to her house for my birthday weekend WAY BACK WHEN. Such a small world.Just hit me that you know that. You are married to Mitch after all. He might have even been there. Hmmm.

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