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I’ll miss you when you move to St. Louis, Mackerdoodle! Glad you came over so we could play in the dirt together. Please come again….next week sound good?



Losing my head…(my sanity)


I’ve noticed lately that I’ve done several things that cause me to wonder, “what’s going on in this brain of mine?”:

1. I started the washing machine, poured the liquid detergent in and walked away to get the dirty laundry. Somewhere along the path to the laundry, I guess I got distracted because an hour later I glanced in the laundry room and saw a full washer just waiting on some clothes to churn. At least there was no water a-wasting.

2. Last night for dinner, while rinsing beef in the sink, I poked my head outside to let the family know the food would be ready in ten minutes. I guess I got distracted and ended up walking outside to help one of my children get on their bike. This led to helping another child balance on their skateboard, and then helping my husband get our OTHER child out of the rear riding bike seat. When I walked back in four or five minutes later, the water was still running, rinsing the beef. All I could think about was the water bill.

3. I put the milk in the cabinet this morning.

4. I put a shoe in the fridge this afternoon.

5. There are many more I could write about but I’m too embarrassed to mention them now.

The Red River swells


Check out these pictures from The Big Picture:

The Red River is approaching record flood levels, likely to break century-old records this weekend. Flowing north toward Manitoba along the Minnesota-North Dakota border, the river is jammed up by ice and is being fed by rain, snow and meltwater. The National Weather Service has issued projections of a crest of 43 feet near Fargo, North Dakota, 24 feet above flood stage. Volunteers and national guardsmen are out in force, building levees, rescuing and evacuating those that need to get to higher ground. Cold temperatures are hampering efforts, freezing damp sandbags and making the job that much more strenuous for volunteers. 800 more National Guard troops and 150 Red Cross personnel are arriving in the area this weekend.

Mothers: What is your priority?


More wise words from GirlTalk regarding motherhood and all the distractions that it encounters:

Here’s the post in its entirety:

So how do we walk carefully through the season of mothering young children? How do we know if we’re distracted or focused on the right things?

We need to determine biblical priorities for our season, and then consistently evaluate whether or not we are living according to those priorities.

For moms with young kids, it’s pretty simple. Three non-negotiables top the list:

1. The gospel
2. Your husband
3. Your children

Ask yourself: Am I preserving these biblical priorities as my top priorities?

Then consider other activities—from your daily Internet or cell phone habits or hobbies or pleasures like reading or television or hanging out with friends—to significant endeavors such as a home business or serving opportunity.

Ask yourself:

Does my time spent on ________ cut into my time for consistent practice of the spiritual disciplines?

Does _________ hinder me from putting my husband’s needs first?

Does my investment in ________ distract me from the teaching, training, discipline, care and encouragement of my children?

Does my level of involvement in_______ cause me to be rushed, hurried, distracted or anxious in caring for my family and training my children?

If we’re consistent at checking our facebook wall but not in prayer, or if we’re attentive to our etsy site or blog but not our children, then we need to make a change.

HT: GirlTalk