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7 quick takes


Many blogs participate in “7 Quick Takes Friday” but I decided I didn’t want to wait that long. If you want to read some really funny writing, you should visit my friend, Becky R’s, blog. Her quicktakes are the best.

1. Since we were on “vacation” last week, we weren’t in our own church this past Sunday. Both boys are used to sitting with us for 30 minutes during worship but they’ve never had to sit the full hour (sometimes longer, depending on who is preaching *ahem, Mitch*). They were so restless and all over the place. One moment I felt like a parental failure and the next moment I chalked it up to the simple fact that they are boys and it’s just harder for them to sit still. Case in point…behind us sat two four year old girls who colored, drew, and snuggled close to their dolls while the preacher preached. Well, that is unless my boys were distracting them by rolling on the floor, using their crayons as race cars, and making spitting noises.

2. Abigail is just two weeks shy of her second birthday. Last night, she climbed out of her crib. Looks like I’ll be purchasing some bed rails soon.

3. Rite Aid is the worst. They never have that ONE thing I want that’s in their weekly ad.

4. I took the kids outside to enjoy the sprinkler today but I decided not to tell them that’s what I had planned. Imagine their surprise and excitement when I told them they could play and get wet in their normal clothes in the 94 degree weather – in fact, I was so excited that I decided to join them! No kidding.

5. My brother is getting married in three weeks. My 33 year old brother is GETTING MARRIED! Can it be? Mitch is officiating and Andrew is the ring bearer. I get the honor of sitting next to my mother and sister while watching the bride and groom giggle and smile at each other. I can’t believe my little brother is gonna be a husband. Bless ya, Kristi.

6. I haven’t logged onto Facebook in eight days. Let me apologize to those of you who have invited me to become your friend. I’m not avoiding you, I promise. I do nothing on Facebook but Invite and Accept. My apologies to those who have sent me gifts and requests that I have IGNORED. It’s just not my thing.

7. I am trying to get a group of friends together to go on a white water rafting trip in August. Anyone wanna join me? Ok, I’m struggling to make seven quicktakes, I know.


Just not into it right now


I’m just not in the blogging mood right now. It might have something to do with the abundance of housework that never seems to end, or the fact that the pool and sprinkler call louder than my keyboard. Anyway, I’m either folding clothes, training a little one to use the potty, making a meal, running errands, playing on the slip-n-slide, or washing a car. Take your pick.

General Assembly so far


I wish I had my memory card with me now so I could upload some pictures of us here at Disney but I’m on public terminal in the exhibit hall and have been given only a brief moment alone while Mitch and my mom take the kiddos around the booths.

Mom and I just left a wonderful ladies function where we ate some yummy food and listened to Dr. Paul Tripp speak on living life with disappointment. Such a rich message. Probably my favorite part of our week thus far (besides getting some sun at the pool and sliding down the waterslide with Andrew). Thanks for your prayers!

We’re having a great time and are very excited about seeing Mickey tomorrow!

Congratulations, Meredith!

My niece graduated from high school last weekend.

We are all so proud of her! Especially her parents and siblings.
What a joy she is….and she loves the Lord more than life itself!

Meredith, I pray your life will glorify Him each day, no matter what might lie ahead. You are such an encouragement to me. I love you.

In Christ Alone,

Aunt Wannie

End of lessons = beginning of play!


Andrew – This was Andrew’s second summer of swim lessons and I’ve noticed that he’s become more of a fish. He can spend large chunks of time under the water, holding his breath. Jumping off the diving blocks in the deep end is a feat he’s conquered. He still struggles a bit with his strokes but I hope to have him in the water most everyday of the summer, seeing that he enjoys it so.

Luke – This was Luke’s first summer of lessons and I can’t tell you how much improvement I saw from DAY ONE to the FINAL DAY! He is now putting his face under the water and blowing bubbles, he’s jumping off the side of the pool, and is very eager to be rid of his swim belt. When he has his swim belt or noodle around his waist, he’ll venture out by himself. If he is without either of those aids, he stays VERY close to the steps….but he demands, “No help, Mom!”.

Abigail – She didn’t take lessons this summer (a bit too young) but I took her to the pool twice last week and SHE LOVED IT! She has no fear… scary! She wants no swim belt and will jump off the side of the pool with no hesitation. That little girl is too brave for my liking.

So, having said all that, I’m gonna contact our local swim association and possibly sign the boys up for the Beginner’s class for competitive swimming. You never know….maybe I’ll be sitting in the bleachers one day while watching one of my children win a few gold medals.