The National Infantry Museum


As a family, we visited The National Infantry Museum that just opened here in our town a month ago. Let me just say that I was moved to tears as I walked through this amazing place. We are not a military family but I have plenty of friends who are, some of whom have served a tour or two in Iraq. The cost that comes with being a soldier for this country is much and I pray that I appreciate them for their sacrifice of time, family, and life.

Our children enjoyed seeing the various time periods of war and differences in the uniforms. In the children’s play area/dress up room, Andrew tried on some Army issued greens. There were no smaller sizes so he settled for the next best thing. I think I’m gonna cry.

Abigail is your typical girl with a thing for shoes.

Luke….well, he would rather be naked, so he didn’t play soldier. Looks like he’s making a gang symbol here, huh? Who knows with that kid. He’s so unpredictable….and I love him!

As we exited the massive building,
we walked outside to this sight.

Another great thing about this amazing museum is that IT’S F-R-E-E!

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