Field bag tutorial


Here’s my attempt at making a field bag from an old worn pair of pants that belonged to my son. I think centering the bag around the pocket makes it extra handy! Camp Creek’s tutorial was the inspiration behind this piece and I appreciate her idea of reusing what you already have on hand.

Now, let me just say, “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE AWFUL STITCHING!!!” I have mentioned before that I received a brand new sewing machine this past Christmas and it’s been sitting in its box since then – untouched. My friend, Nikki, invited me over today to teach me some simple sewing basics. Did I already mention that this was my first attempt at sewing (alone, that is)? I had to add the US flag applique to patch a hole (it was the knee section). Ironing was the easy part. Sewing was fun and I’m addicted enough to do more – at least for a while.

Andrew has declared this his “rock bag”. This afternoon, he toted it around the yard, filling it with various rocks and sticks. Now it’s time to make Luke one.

I want to make some feminine stuff next, like these items:

little house pouch
square taggie
fabric lunch tote
Scrappy owl treat bag
Giraffe taggies
Rice bag foot warmer


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