Our anniversary trip in "pictures"


What a wonderful ten years of marriage we have just celebrated! I’m more in love today with that man than we’ve ever been before….each passing year it gets sweeter and sweeter. With ten being a special number, we were blessed to be given some time to get away to the north Georgia mountains, in the hills of the Chattahoochee National Forest, not far from the Appalachian Trail.

You won’t believe what I did, though. I forgot to bring my camera along on this trip! It never even crossed my mind to pack it. I think God might have wanted me to simply leave it behind so I wouldn’t think about pictures and could instead give all my energy to enjoying every minute with Mitch. It was an amazing three day adventure! And we are so thankful for my mother who was able to take a few days off work to drive up and spend some time with her grandchildren, too!

So, since I had no camera to capture ANY of the sights, I leave you with a pictorial listing of what we did, via Google Images.

These pictures weren’t taken by my snappy finger but they are the REAL pictures of the places and people we visited.

We stayed in Helen, Georgia….

…in a beautiful cabin….

…down by the river.

We surprised one of my college friends
by stopping by her workplace for a visit.

…and then we proceeded to hike and hike and hike some more.

We did a bit of mountain shopping,

…bought some fudge

…and, on the way home, we drooled while shopping at IKEA Atlanta!

We only left having bought one thing – a new duvet cover. We’ve been using the same cover for ten years and figured it was due time for an update, considering it a gift to ourselves.

We were so happy to get home and see our little ones, though. They were missed tremendously!

Love you, Mitch…and I can’t wait for another ten years to come. You are my best friend, lover boy.


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  1. Happy Anniversary! We took a family trip to Helen, GA but we left calling it “Hell-in-Georgia”. I am sure it is much more beautiful without a carload full of whiny kids 🙂

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