To my 12 followers….


Ok, to all 12 of you out there who read my blog, you may have been wondering where I’ve been lately. I got used to posting everyday and then it became an every other day thing and now it just happens whenever I can. My computer needs to be cleaned and I have far too many pictures on the desktop just waiting to be burned to a CD, therefore causing my hard drive to be slow, making me frustrated and impatient when wanting to post. However, I’ve also been MIA for another reason….

I’ve been rising at 5:15 a.m. to meet 30 other women for fitness boot camp! It’s been challenging to get up that early since most of you know I’m a night owl. But, I’ve made it for all the meetings thus far and I hope to see some success in a few weeks. I’ll be “working it out” with this group for the next eight weeks, being released from my drill sergeant just before Christmas. We have spent most of our time outside in the dark climbing stairs, running, doing suicide sprints – and then inside to work on target muscle areas with weights, etc. In the group I’ve got a new friend who runs with me and it’s been a joy to see her regularly and chat about our lives. We encourage one another by cheering wildly and reminding that there’s only one lap left! Of course, all this hoopla is sputtered out while we’re gasping for breath and heaving for air.

Anyway, you might read less of me for the next eight weeks but I’m here and will be blogging every so often….if I don’t roll over and crash first.

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  1. i am a faithful reader of your blog- and i'm so PROUD of you! wow… that's super early and super tough! dudley said he saw you this morning and you seemed like you were teaching the class!!! perhaps he just walked by in a loud moment!

  2. I am SO proud of you! That's awesome. Many of my friends are doing a boot camp around here. Right now I'm focusing on running. Keep it up. That is really great!!!!

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