Pumpkins at the patch


It seems that every fall when we visit the pumpkin patch, we end up sweating. It was so hot yesterday as we meandered around the patch! The boys were wearing shorts and they mentioned a time or two of being hot in their longsleeve shirts. Overall, we had a great time and the hay ride was the highlight of the journey. It’s sort of become a tradition that we go with my friend, Jennifer, and her little girl, AC, each year (who happens to be Luke’s best friend).

Andrew has been coming for five years
and loves it even more each time.

He wasn’t really mad….just posing.

She was in love with the pumpkin maze!
Beautiful orange.
Two little indians!
She found her pick of the litter.
A cute pilgrim boy.
Who knew a gourd would make a good telephone?
Our usual pumpkin patch crew!

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  1. oh! what beautiful all colors! We don't have any of that going on down here in the tropics. 🙂 So glad that I get to go to Auburn next weekend and will hopefully see some then.

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