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Wordless Wednesday



"A contraption for my peas, please"


More fun with our stash of dried peas! I saw this idea here and decided to make one for the children. At least dried peas are an easy mess to clean, right? The boys entertained themselves for nearly two hours and it was good to watch them play together with such joy.

sweet "goodnight"


All three of our children have had a touch of the stomach virus this weekend. It’s run its course but, due to a decreased amount of sleep over the past several days, they have been waking during the night crying out and wanting to be assured of our presence. I never wish my children to be sick but I am really enjoying these night time interruptions since all three of our children usually sleep solid through the night (love you, Becky). It’s rare for any one of them to request a middle-of-the-night cuddle since they sleep so good. They like their back rubbed and for me to run my fingers through their hair but never has it been asked of me to regularly do these things at 2:00 a.m….that is until this weekend.

Abigail just woke up a few minutes ago and, in her sleepy state, asked, “Mommy, rock rock, please?“. Oh, how I treasured those few moments with her in my arms, rocking her back to sleep. After a while, I stood and approached her bed, gently squeezing all my love into her little body. I laid her down and she rolled over, looked up at me and said, “I wuv you, Mommy. Night-night“.

I think I want her to be this little forever!

Ready for…..


This kid makes me laugh. He would truly wear this around the house all afternoon if I’d let him. I wouldn’t mind him wearing it to school if that’s what made this sweet youngin’ happy…it’s just that he complains how hard it is to remove all of it as he goes to the restroom.

Love you, Drew Drew!

Which one is it: cold or flu?


The cold weather has arrived and that brings sniffles, snot, and sneezing. When Andrew rises in the morning, I’m gonna use this chart to make sure I’m clear of what he might be suffering from. So, keep warm! I know I will….the $25 Starbucks gift card I recently won arrived in the mail today!

Wanna go get a White Chocolate Mocha with me this week? My treat!