More pictures from Marannook

CAUTION: Dark unedited photos to follow….

I’ve written about Marannook here, here, here, here, and here…and yet, HERE’S another post with more pictures.

Founders, Barbara and Charles Kendrick-Holmes

I spent two summers of my life at Camp Marannook and it stirs joy in my heart to see my children enjoying themselves at this place that holds such wonderful memories of spiritual growth for me. It was here at Marannook where my passion for reformed theology began, questions started to form, and covenant theology was grasped.

Many meals were eaten and songs sung on the deck of Manna Hall and my own children know it as a place where they too enjoyed delicious food, sang praises to God, and read God’s Holy Word.

Enjoying the outdoor activities at THE NOOK:
The Maze, The Cable Car, & The Gem Find.

One evening, we were treated to a romantic dinner while the counselors entertained our children. I always enjoy talking to my best friend…especially over a scrumptious meal.

Hopefully, this will be one of many more Marannook family photos to come.
Maybe our children will be campers one day!


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