Sara Groves new release


My favorite solo artist, Sara Groves, has just released her newest album, Fireflies and Songs. Amazing! Just reading about the album made me hunger to buy it on Amazon (for $5!). It’s the best purchase I’ve made this week! (hee hee)

…Even the unsuspecting listener will relate as the songs on this album unfold. It doesn’t take long to realize that a profoundly personal look at who Sara is and where she is in life includes a vivid invitation into her most important relationships. As early as Fireflies’ second song, “From This One Place,” you’ll pray with Sara as the melancholy beauty of her voice and ivory keys call out to God in response to tangible and recurring anxiety. The flowing, moody “Eyes Wide Open,” meanwhile, is both confessional and declarative as Sara begins, “I’ve got layers of lies that I don’t even know about yet,” and concludes, “When the lights come up on this town/When the thing goes down/… I wanna be telling the truth.” And her marriage? The gently pleading “It’s Me” is at once stark and reassuring as it paints a personal picture of the often polar push and pull couples experience as they pursue genuine relationship.

…while Sara is the first to confirm Fireflies & Songs is the “most her” musically, it’s also the singer’s most candid recording. “I tried not to teach on this album,” she explains. “And I’m a natural-born teacher. I turn everything into a lesson–for myself, for the people around me. That’s how I process my life, that’s how I learn. But I wanted Fireflies & Songs to feel more like friends and I are talking at Don Pablo’s over nachos and cheese. I’m trying to be more confessional, and I hope these songs encourage other people to live confessionally.”


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