Thanksgiving reflections…..sort of.


The weirdest thing that happened this Thanksgiving was that my daughter got bit by a goat. Yeah, a goat.

For the first time, I was the designated meat cooker for the McGinnis side of the family’s Thanksgiving feast. I think my ham was rather tasty, if I do say so myself. Glazing it was the most fun! I might just have to do it again next year.

I always enjoy hanging out at my in-laws house. I feel so relaxed every time I visit. Their furniture is very comfortable. Oh, and my brother-in-law makes me laugh.

I missed seeing my own brother and sister-in-law by 15 minutes. He and his wife only had a day to see both sides of the family, and….we were a little late. So, instead of embracing them and sitting down to converse, we called each other on our cell phones to determine exactly what spot of the highway we would pass one another so we could flash our lights and wave. I felt the love radiate from their Yukon across the median. That was a mighty fine wave!

When at Mom’s, it’s tradition that my sister and I gather all the recyclables in the house and take them to the sorting center. Antibacterial wipes are a staple in my car.

Shopping at the consignment store (with my mom and sister) brings me more joy than shopping for new clothes. It might have something to do with recycling.

Abigail slept with me both nights we were away. It was nice to snuggle with her, even if she was missing the hair and snoring fits.

I started to cut Mitch’s hair with the clippers while away but his hair was so thick that I couldn’t get it to cut past the front half of the top of his scalp. He had to done a baseball cap and journey to the nearest GREAT CLIPS to take care of the damage I caused. He looks handsome, mind you.

I am already disgusted at all the Christmas advertisements and commercials.

I managed to only take one day’s worth of photos while at Mom’s house. Unbelievable. The pictures will be posted soon…..when I get back to Mom’s house to get them off her desktop! Duh.

It’s 1:30 AM and I really should be in bed so my body and mind will be in a worshipful mode for church. So, goodnight!

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