It was a lot more "PARTY" than Christmas


Another year of taco soup, chili and Fritos! It’s our small group’s traditional meal together during our Christmas party each year. Afterwards, the kids enjoy watching the adults laugh at each other as we play “Dirty Santa” (or “White Elephant”….which ever).

Jennifer reacts to opening her chosen gift: a package of Fart Powder.

Ira looks around to decide if he’d rather steal someone’s gift or choose a new one of his own.

The kids help Mitch unwrap a homey set of scented candles….just what he always wanted!

Chrissy tries to get sneaky by shaking the gifts to decide which one she wants.

This is what she got!

So. it got passed around. This will probably be Mitch new profile pic on Facebook soon.

My little viking.
The Christmas viking.

Yeah, I’m not in the picture ’cause I was behind the camera, right where I like to be.

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